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Mood: For Wits, Wags, Clowns and Cut-Ups

Mood: For Wits, Wags, Clowns And Cut-Ups

Got yourself a wise-cracker, a real looneytune? Make sure Chuckles is on your side with one of these get-ups.

Lot 14. Filip Caïroli.

By Louis Charbonnier (1874-1935)

“Yeah, he thinks he’s the clown!” Don’t hold it against Filip Caïroli for that sardonic grin; he was trying to hold his own in a clown-car trio with his father and brother. Filip was the older brother, but his younger sibling was the one named Charles Jr.

Lot 201. Fein-Kaller. 1959.

By Alois Carigiet (1902-1985)

Arf! This dapper pup is doing kicks and flipping tricks.

150. 21e Salon des Humoristes. 1928.

By Herve Baille (1896-1977)

You will lean back with a self-satisfied grin when you hang this on the wall at an appropriate eye-level.

Lot 301. The New Haven R.R. / Northward. ca. 1935.

By John Held

4:30 p.m. Penn Station. Oh yeah, it’s like that. Minus the ducks and geese overhead. You still get a few pigeons nowadays, though.

Lot 146. London Transport / On Pleasure Bent. 1937.

By Mary Adshead (1904-1955)

In London’s Depression ’30s, people ate a lot of canned food and stayed home and listened to the radio. Mary Adshead’s perfectly poised bit of wit and wisdom is great advice for anyone, and this is a great gift for anyone who’s been cooped up for too long.

Lot 136. Le Cirage Palmior.


That’s not where the shoe polish goes!

Lot 342. Sipping Swimmer : Maquette.

By Luciano Achille Mauzan (1883-1952)

The thirstiest man in the world would ask you if you’d like to join him for a drink, but <urrp> too late.

Lot 349. Maggi / Bouillon Granule.

By B. Moloch

Why yes, I did just see a half-dozen root vegetables riding on the back of a cow, which was diving into an herb grinder. No, I have not been drinking.

Lot 6. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey/The Children’s Favorite Clown. 1920.


Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

All lots are available for viewing and bidding today!

PAI-LXXVI: Rare Posters Auction will be held October 28 at 11am EDT.

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