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Poster Auctions: A How-To Guide

Poster Auctions: A How-To Guide

You’ve poured over the catalogue. You’ve become enchanted. Here’s how to acquire the item of your dreams.

The Auction:

What: Auction of 410 Rare Vintage Posters
When: July 11, 2024 at 11AM EDT
Where: Rennert’s Gallery, 26 W. 17th St., New York, NY 10011 (Union Square / Flatiron District)
And online at:

Our auctions move fast – about 125 lots per hour – and without a break.
Sales are final. Decisiveness is crucial.

Auction Resources:

View all lots and register to bid online

Bid by absentee or phone bid

Read the full Conditions of Sale

Read our Auction Introduction

Bidding Online:

Our primary platform is powered by Auction Mobility. You can access it directly here or through our website (click “View Lots/Register” or “Live Auction” on auction day). We encourage auction participants to use this platform as it offers a slightly lower buyer’s premium (25%) than Invaluable (28%).

To properly view the lots and navigate through the pages, please be sure to extend the width of your internet browser’s window.

  • You must confirm a Credit Card number before you can bid on any lot. Make sure to register a CC# before the live auction.
  • When bidding on our platform, you will be asked to confirm your bid.
  • When the auction starts on July 11 at 11am EDT, you can access a live video feed of the auction at
  • Download our free mobile app (Apple iOS or Google Android) and have full bidding immediacy and functionality wherever you may be on auction day.

Please note: Until the day of the auction, the bids shown online only reflect other internet bids made through our website. On the day of the auction, you will be bidding against people who bid in-person, by phone, by absentee, and through Invaluable. If you are unable to be at your computer during the auction, please be sure to leave your maximum bid amount online. Having the highest max bid online does not guarantee you as the highest bidder on auction day. Please keep in mind that bid increments affect your standing; a poster can possibly sell to another bidder for the same amount as your max bid.

Live bidding through our mobile app:

1. Log in to your account. Tap on the auction you’d like to bid on.
2. To view the live auction, tap on a lot and tap on “Live Auction in Progress—Join Auction.”
3. To view the livestream, tap on the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner and select your preferences.
4. To place a bid, simply swipe the slider to the right.

If you need to update an online bid:

1. Log in to your account. In the menu, go to “My Bids.”
2. Click “My Upcoming Bids” or “Upcoming Auctions.”
3. Click on the lot you want to change.
4. In the “Lot Review” screen, click “Edit” (to the right of your bid).
5. Choose your new bid and click “Update.”
Bidding in Person:

If you’re local to the New York area, or visiting on auction day, you are welcome to join us in the gallery for the live auction. Please try to arrive about a half-hour before your lot arrives on the auction block. We move through about 125 lots per hour, so plan accordingly.

You can register for a paddle at any time.

Bidding by Phone:

Please register with Terry Shargel at 212-787-4000, and supply phone numbers at which you will be reachable on auction day between 11am and 4pm. You will be asked which lot numbers you wish to bid on, and you’ll be assigned a paddle number and a PAI staff member in the room who will call you and bid on your behalf.

Please get your phone bids in by Wednesday, July 10.

Absentee Bidding:

If you will not be available during the Live Auction, but wish to place a bid on an item, please call us at 212-787-4000. You will be able to indicate your maximum bid for the item, and we will bid for you as if you were in the room.

You may also download an Absentee Bid Form and fax the completed form to 212-604-9175.

Please get your absentee bids in by Wednesday, July 10.

Bidding Increments:

To $2,000 –> by $100

$2,000-$5,000 –> by $200

$5,000-$10,000 –> by $500

$10,000-$20,000 –> by $1,000

$20,000-$50,000 –> by $2,000

$50,000 and $100,00 –> by $5,000

$100,000 and over –> by $10,000


There are no fees to register to bid—but you will be charged a one-time $1 transaction fee to register online.

Rennert’s Gallery / PAI imposes a buyer’s premium (commission) upon every winning bid (between 25% and 28%, see below for details).

Once the gavel descends, the sale is final. About one week after the auction, you’ll be sent an invoice including sale price, buyer’s premium, all applicable taxes, and shipping costs. When we receive your payment, we will immediately send your item.

  • Frames: If your purchased item includes a frame, we can ship it with or without the frame; in a poster tube, shipping costs are roughly $60 domestic U.S.; with a frame, average shipping cost is $250 domestic U.S. However, prices vary widely depending upon size and weight. Please call us at 212-787-4000 with any questions.

Any further questions? Please email us:

We look forward to hosting you on Thursday, July 11. Good luck!

  • Live / phone / absentee bidding: Buyer’s Premium: 25%.
  • Online, through Rennert’s Gallery: our primary digital auction platform is hosted by Auction Mobility, accessed via our website. Buyer’s Premium: 25%.
  • Online, through Invaluable / AuctionZip: Our auctions are also hosted through Invaluable / AuctionZip. Buyer’s Premium: 28%.

For full details on our auction specifications, please see our Conditions of Sale.

Further Tech Specifications:

• Please note: when bidding online, you are also bidding against people who bid in-person on auction day, as well as people who place phone and absentee bids. Having the highest bid online does not guarantee you as the highest bidder overall. With this in mind, please leave your maximum bid amount online.

• Our bidding platform allows you to watch or participate via phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

• After creating an account, please register with your credit card number. Without your credit card information on file, you will not be able to bid.

• Upon placing an online bid, you will be asked to confirm your bid. Remember to do this. This is a failsafe to prevent participants from placing erroneous bids.

• If you’re using a Mac (macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer): use the most up-to-date version of Chrome 67+ or Firefox 60+ for best results or Safari 11+

• If you’re using a PC (Windows 7 or newer): use either Internet Explorer 11+ (however, we recommend you use Edge), or the most up-to-date version of Chrome 67+, or Firefox 60+, (Windows 10+ Only) or Edge version 17+ (referred to as EdgeHTML).

• iOS 11.0 and greater. Apple iPhone 5S or newer. Apple iPad Air or newer.

• Android 4.4 and greater

PAI auctions remain accessible through Invaluable and Auction Zip. If you use either of these platforms, you will be subject to a slightly higher commission fee (28% vs 25%). For technical support call: 617-746-9800.

When bidding on Invaluable:

If you’re using a Mac: use the most up-to-date version of Firefox or Safari for best results
If you’re using a PC (Windows 7 & 8): use either Internet Explorer 9 or 11, or the most up-to-date version of Firefox, or Chrome.
• For Help and FAQ please visit this page.

PAI-XCIII: Rare Posters
July 11 at 11am EDT

In-gallery viewing June 21-July 10 (Daily 11am-6pm)

Register to bid online, or bid by phone or absentee.
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