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Featured Collections


Freedom on two wheels! – both for the women of the 1890s, and for artists observing dramatic changes in culture & industry. Read More >>


That’s a Holwein ad for a 1914 Mercedes. It might be the only surviving copy in the world. Other luxury makes and models within. Don’t wait long: these cars go fast. Read More >>

Theater & Film

Dive into a lost world of entertainment: American & French farces from the Fin de Siécle; macabre Silent Era films from Weimar Germany; popcorn Westerns from the Great Depression & more. Read More >>

Josephine Baker

Rare images of the legendary star of burlesque, from the Jazz Age to the Civil Rights Era. Read More >>


A forgotten history of political speech from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Bolshevik Revolution, the U.S., Britain, France, and U.S.S.R. from WWI to 1989. Read More >>

Australia & New Zealand

Evocative renderings of the Land Down Under, from the 1920s to the 1960s: enticing travelers to these wild Antipodes. Read More >>

Featured Artists


The father of the modern advertising poster offers 35 Art Nouveau gems from every stage of his career, including rare signed maquettes. Read More >>


The Swiss master is a man of his time in these 20 rarely seen works: a 1917 natural, an Art Deco icon in the ‘30s, and a radical experimenter in the late ‘40s. Read More >>


The archetypal artist of the Belle Époque dazzles us with 25 visions of lush femininity, floral profusion and once-in-a-lifetime finds. Read More >>


Twelve superb examples of rigor, wit and geometric precision from the 1930’s Art Deco genius. Read More >>


This little-known Hungarian gave birth to the field of political-propaganda art amid the chaos of post-WWI Europe. Here are 9 of his most powerful and iconic designs. Read More >>


During the 1890s, this profane, drunk, disagreeable denizen of Montmartre became one of France’s greatest and most recognizable artists. Read More >>

Plus hundreds of original, rare posters: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, ’50s Modernism, ’60s and more!

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Bohemia In Cleveland: The Kokoon Arts Club

Bohemia in Cleveland: The Kokoon Arts Club

You receive an invitation in the mail. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before: a masquerade of Modernist…

The Pen Is Mightier.

The Pen is Mightier.

Write now: images of inspiration for the wordsmith on a mission.

When We Were Modern

When We Were Modern

“I haven’t changed my mind about modernism from the first day I ever did it… It means integrity;…

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