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PAI-LXXVIII: Rare Posters - June 23 at 11am EDT

Featured Collections


90 years of the best and rarest designs celebrating two-wheeled transport.
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Posters that changed the way we see posters—and continue to inspire awe.
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36 gravity-defying posters, from the earliest air shows to modern travel.
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Prestigious performances for Mercedes, Michelin, motorcades, and more.
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Revolutionary and boundary-breaking: Haring, Picasso, Che Guevara, and more.
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Fascinating promotions for rare silent films and blockbuster hits.
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Featured Artists


30 of his most celebrated works, intimate drawings, and special rarities.
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His best, rarest, and most theatrical works: Zenit / Borsalino, Cordial Campari, et al.
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Forceful designs from the artist who best captured fin de siècle Paris.
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Powerful Art Deco designs and incredible maquettes for Loïe Fuller and more.
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Never-before-seen posters and maquettes from the iconic designer.
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22 posters for Folies-Bergère and Bitter Campari prove the lasting power of the father of the poster.
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Plus hundreds of original, rare posters: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Travel, Modernism, and more!

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Top Posters With Reserves Under $1K

Top Posters with Reserves Under $1K

Our 78th Auction is not just overflowing with high-end masterpieces—there are plenty of great works with reserves under $1,000…

Posters—For The Love Of Books

Posters—For the love of Books

Who doesn't love a good book—or a good poster for a good book? Since the dawn of print…

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