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PAI-LXXIII: Rare Posters

PAI-LXXIII: Rare Posters

October 22, 2017 at 11am EDT
Auction starts at 11am EDT

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Highlights of this Collection
The Sale

The auction will be held on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11AM EDT at Rennert’s Gallery or you may bid online, by phone or by absentee order bid.
 The sale will be continuous with no breaks.


Friday, October 6 to Saturday, October 21
Daily: 11am-6pm

Featured Collections

Bicycles: 25 (Mucha’s Waverley Cycles; delightful early Pal images; Swiss racing posters). Automobiles: 33 (Metlicovitz’s Milan Auto Show; Montaut’s rare La Buire; a 1923 Six Auto poster never-before-seen; a 1932 Bugatti; several Monaco Grand Prix; Kauffer’s classic Shell is one of nine in this famed series). Aviation: 45 (Unique art and documentation of man’s earliest attempt at flight, from 1812 to the Wright Brothers, as well as early Air Shows of 1910-1912 plus 10 for Air France). Loie Fuller: 14 (Some never-before-seen images of the famed dancer and her many imitators). World War II: 8 (includes the infamous “Red Poster” of 1944). Psychedelic Rock Posters: 19 (The best of Wes Wilson, Conklin, Moscoso and Mouse, featuring the Grateful Dead, the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin). Films: 30 (From Stenberg Brothers to James Bond to Star Wars). Travel: 70 (From beaches to mountains, from sailing to skiing, many posters to make you yearn for your vacation). Other Highlights: The complete Herman Miller Summer Picnic series by Frykholm; Bonnard’s Salon des Cent (with and before letters); all three Dorival posters for Mont-Blanc; Eight Harper’s by Penfield; Book section includes the complete L’Estampe Moderne.

Featured Artists

Cappiello: 15 (Mistinguett, Paquet Pernot, and incredible maquettes). Cassandre: 8 (Etoile du Nord, Nord Express, Cote d’Azur, Normandie). Gesmar: 9 (Rarely seen images of Mistinguett and other stars). Loupot: 19 (from early Swiss fashions to later French Deco,including Philippossian and Lion Noir). Mucha: 25 (Rare signed copy of Salon des Cent before letters, both Jobs, Dame aux Camelias, Lygie, Waverley Cycles, the Seasons, the Arts, Times of Day, Heather & Sea Holly, Slav Epic). Toulouse-Lautrec: 17 (Divan Japonais, Artisan Moderne, Aristide Bruant/Chansonniers de Montmartre, Confetti, both Jane Avrils, Salon des Cent, Sescau)

Other Artists: Atche, Barrère, Bonnard, Broders, Brodovitch, Cardinaux, Carlu, Chéret, Choubrac, Diggelmann, Domergue, Dudovich, DeFeure, Fix-Masseau, Fouqueray, Grasset, Gray, Grun, Ham, Hohenstein, Hohlwein, Kauffer, Kiffer, Klinger, Laube, Leupin, Livemont, Mangold, Mataloni, Misti, Metlicovitz, Montaut, Muller-Brockmann, Pal, Penfield, Savignac, Steinlen, Stenberg Bros., Tamagno, Van Caulaert, d’Ylen, Yokoo.

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