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PAI-LXXVIII: Rare Posters

PAI-LXXVIII: Rare Posters
Highlights of this Collection
The Sale

The auction will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 11AM EST at Rennert’s Gallery or you may bid online, by phone or by absentee order bid.
 The sale will be continuous with no breaks.


Friday, June 7 to Saturday, June 22
Daily: 11am-6pm

Featured Collections

Bicycles: 43 (the best and rarest by Chéret, Penfield, Bradley, and Pal). Automobiles: 32 (prestige and performance from the earliest Mercedes to Livemont’s Auto Club and Cappiello’s Charron). Aviation: 36 (air shows from 1909 to 1917, including those for Reims of 1909, Nice of 1910, and others in France, Egypt, Austria, and USA). Circus: 11 (amazing French and American troupes). Israel: 8 (rare propaganda posters—from both sides). Film: 18 (includes rare, never-before-seen silent films from Germany and France). Books & Periodicals: 3 (includes the complete L’Estampe Moderne)

Featured Artists

Cappiello: 22 (Folies-Bergère, Amandines de Provence, Triple-Sec Fournier, Job, Bitter Campari, and 2 drawings). Chéret: 14 (one of his first posters for the Folies-Bergère, Carnaval, a rare Musée Grévin, and a signed drawing). Colin: 6 (maquettes for Loïe Fuller, La Revue Nègre, and La Marche Coloniale). Dudovich: 7 (his best and rarest: Zenit / Borsalino, Cordial Campari). Haring: 7 (his delightful exhibitions from Japan, Italy, France, and USA). Loupot: 5 (includes never-before-seen posters and maquettes). Mauzan: 6 (includes the only known copies of 3 incredible cosmetics posters). Mucha: 30 (Dame aux Camélias, Hamlet, Gismonda, Byzantine Heads, Moët & Chandon, Times of Day, La Samaritaine, the Flowers, Bières de la Meuse, Seasons of 1896). Pal: 10 (his most sensuous posters, including Loïe Fuller, and 5 of his best cycle images). Toulouse-Lautrec: 12 (Bruant Dans Son Cabaret, Jane Avril, Troupe Églantine, May Belfort, May Milton).

Other Artists: Baumberger, Bouisset, Bonnard, Bradley, Broders, Camps, Cardinaux, Casas, Cassandre, Codognato, Domergue, Dupas, de Feure, Flagg, Gesmar, Glaser, Gontcharova, Grün, Herkomer, Hohenstein, Hohlwein, Klein, Leyendecker, Livemont, Marfurt, Moser, Penfield, Rhead, Roller, Savignac, Steinlen, Stenberg Bros., Tamagno, Ungerer, Villemot, Villon, Vincent.

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