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PAI-LXXVII: Rare Posters

PAI-LXXVII: Rare Posters
Highlights of this Collection
The Sale

The auction will be held on Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 11AM EST at Rennert’s Gallery or you may bid online, by phone or by absentee order bid.
 The sale will be continuous with no breaks.


Friday, February 8 to Saturday, February 23
Daily: 11am-6pm

Featured Collections

Aviation: 30 (from beginning to end of 20th century flights, including early flight exhibitions and best of Imperial Airways, Air France, and American Airlines). Bicycles: 16 (speed and stylishness shown by Baylac, Gray, Barrère, Thiriet, and Pal). Circus: 17 (from 1840 to 1970, showing top performers for Barnum, Ringling, and other troupes). Winter Scenes: 13 (skis and snow dominate, with top winter destinations in U.S., Canada, Switzerland, and Austria). Propaganda: 24 (WWI and WWII, from England, Russia, and Germany, interpreted by Carlu, Klutsis, Rodchenko, and others). Tea Time: 6 (exotic and sensuous tea images). Wild West: 8 (Buffalo Bill in film and performances).

Featured Artists

Cappiello: 20 (Shampoing du Dr. Roja, Royal Gaillac, Zenith, Cinzano, and Champagne Castellane, plus 4 maquettes and a never-before-seen variant of Bitter Campari). Cassandre: 8 (Nord Express, Dubo-Dubon-Dubonnet, Sweepstake, and Pernod Fils). Chéret: 13 (his best: Olympia, Loïe Fuller, Libraire Ed. Sagot, Palais de Glace, Eldorado, the four Arts, and an incredible large oil painting). Haring: 8 (his playful posters for Absolut Vodka, Montreux Jazz Festival, and more). Mucha: 13 (Plume et Primevère, Cassan Fils, Bières de la Meuse, Leslie Carter, Moravian Teachers’ Choir, the 1896 Seasons, and two original drawings). Toulouse-Lautrec: 12 (Salon des Cent, Jane Avril, Caudieux, Aristide Bruant Dans Son Cabaret, Babylone d’Allemagne, and La Revue Blanche).

OTHER ARTISTS: Barrère, Berthon, Bonnard, Bouisset, Broders, Carlu, Choubrac, Colin, Dorival, Dupas, Gesmar, Gould, Gray, Grün, Hohlwein, Kauffer, Klein, Klutsis, Loupot, Mauzan, Metlicovitz, Pal, Parrish, Penfield, Prusakov, Rodchenko, Savignac, Stenberg Bros., Steinlen, Thiriet, Toussaint, Villemot, Villon, Vincent, Von Stuck, Warhol, Willette, D’Ylen.

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