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Mood: Shall We Dance?

Mood: Shall We Dance?

Well, how about it then?

52. Mistinguett. 1925.

By Charles Gesmar (1900-1928)

Too shy? C’mon, I’ll lead.

Lot 243. André Renaud. 1929.

By Paul Colin (1892-1986)

First we need a bit of music. One piano? Two pianos!

Lot 141. Pola Negri. 1927.

By Anonymous

Yeah, that’s the spirit.

Lot 177. Cognac Pellisson. 1907.

By Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942)

Ah, good! The drinks have arrived!

Lot 224. L'Amant des Danseuses. 1888.

By Jules Chéret (1836-1932)

Slightly creepy. More people on the dance floor!

Lot 188. Bal de la Couture Parisienne. 1924.

By Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942)

Ahh, that’s more like it!

319. Hotel Peterhof. 1925.

By Leipold Koeppen

The band is whipping the crowd up into a fever pitch…

Lot 340. Effevescente Caremoli. 1922.

By Luciano Achille Mauzan (1883-1952)

Bartender! More champagne! (Well I’ll just get it myself.)

Lot 387. Nijni et Stone. ca. 1930.

By Obrad Nicolitch (1898-1976)

In perfect harmony.

Lot 318. La Joëla. 1910.

By Julius Klinger (1876-1942)

The Belle of the Ball.

Lot 329. Bossard-Bonnel / Rennes. 1925.

By Lotti

Uh-oh. Party’s over. Some clown ran off with the band’s gear while they were on break.

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