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PAI-LXXV: Rare Posters

PAI-LXXV: Rare Posters
Highlights of this Collection
The Sale

The auction will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 2PM EDT at Rennert’s Gallery or you may bid online, by phone or by absentee order bid.
 The sale will be continuous with no breaks.


Friday, June 1 to Monday, June 25
Daily: 11am-6pm

Featured Collections

Art Deco Masterpieces: Over 100 of the greatest Art Deco posters we’ve ever featured. Bicycles: 36 posters (including the the incredible Cycles Gladiator, Chéret’s l’Etendard Français, Pal’s Liberator, Fernel’s Cycles Georges Richard and several top motorcycle images). Automobiles: 50 (an outstanding collection of auto classics, led by Loupot’s Philipposian, Livemont’s 1902 Auto Club de France, Montaut’s Pneu Michelin, Vincent’s Peugeot, Perot’s Delahaye, and many racing posters, including a dozen for Monaco Grand Prix, starting with the best: Falcucci’s 1930 poster). Aviation: 24 (top airline posters – 10 by Klein for TWA). Circus: 27 (early circus posters from Strobridge and Friedlander, for Barnum & Bailey to Carl Hagenbeck). Loïe Fuller: Includes the top 2 images for her: Chéret and Orazi. Winter Sports: 32 (inviting winter scenes by Cardinaux, Koch, Moos, and the incredible ice hockey poster of Diggelmann). War Posters: 12 (largely WWI, including Flagg and Verrees, plus Carlu’s powerful Désarmement poster). Books & Periodicals: Includes the complete, 5-volume “Maitres de l’Affiche” with Paul Berthon-designed covers.

Featured Artists

Cappiello: 20 (a never-before-seen large painting for a Paris store; Marie Brizard, Florio et Cinzano). Cassandre: 8 (Triplex, Etoile du Nord).Chéret: 15 (Palais de Glace, Eldorado, Cosmydor Savon). Colin: 12 (Bal Fleuri and several Josephine Baker designs). Mucha: 21 (Gismonda, La Trappistine, Dame aux Camélias, Bières de la Meuse, De Forest Phonofilm, Dawn & Dusk, Plume & Primevere, Heather & Sea Holly). Nitsche: 9 of his best General Dynamics/Atoms for Peace. Steinlen: 10 (Summer Cat & Winter Cat, L’Assommoir, Yvette Guilbert, Chat Noir, Le Journal, Lait Sterilise). Toulouse-Lautrec: 15 (The Chap Book, Babylone d’Allemagne, Salon des Cent, Bruant Dans Son Cabaret, Jane Avril 1899, Artistan Moderne, Divan Japonais).

Other Artists: Atché, Barrère, Berthon, Bottini, Broders, Bouisset, Camps, Cardinaux, Carlu, Dupas, Falcucci, Flagg, Gesmar, Grün, Hohlwein, Kauffer, Klein, Livemont, Mangold, Misti, Montaut, Moos, Pal, Penfield, Stenberg Bros., Tamagno, Villemot, Waugh, Weiluc.

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