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PAI-LXXXI: Rare Posters

PAI-LXXXI: Rare Posters
The Sale

The auction will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 11AM EDT at Rennert’s Gallery or you may bid online, by phone or by absentee order bid.
 The sale will be continuous with no breaks.


Monday, July 6 to Monday, July 21
Daily: 11am-6pm

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Featured Collections

43 Spanish Posters: Powerful works of Modernisme from de Riquer, Gual, Utrillo, and de Cidón—many seen here for the first time. 15 North Vietnamese Images: Unique hand-painted works from the collection of Deborah Salter express the urgency, struggles, and hopes of artists in the Vietnam War. All featured here for the first time. 48 Bicycles: Nearly a century of designs from the earliest models to motorcycles, plus 8 Tour de France posters, from Penfield, Pal, Gray, Nizzoli, and more. 31 Automobiles: Poetic and dramatic images for automobile clubs, races, and early models designed by Ham, Bellery-Desfontaines, and more. 21 Aviation: Historic images from parachutes to Pan Am designed by Klein, Villemot, Mazza, and more.

Featured Artists

36 Cappiello: One of our finest collections of his works that traces 38 years, including Pneumatiques Torrilhon, Porto Pitters, Cognac Gautier Frères, and Lampe Osmine. 8 Chéret: His joyous images—Palais de Glace and Musée Grévin—plus a spectacular maquette for the Palais des Rois de Sardaigne and an exquisite painting. 12 Loupot: Stunning Art Deco designs from the classics—Sérodent, Cointreau, Huile Raoul Citroën—to the rarest maquettes for L’Impartial and St. Raphaël. 24 Mucha: His best and most beautiful: La Dame aux Camelias, Moët & Chandon, Job, and a rare version of The Seasons with the L. Brancher imprint and full titles and descriptions. 15 Lautrec: Powerful designs of grit and glory, including a hand-signed Jane Avril, Eldorado / Aristide Bruant, La Chaîne Simpson, and Cycle Michael.

Atché, Barrere, Bonnard, Bouisset, Bradley, Broders, Brunelleschi, Cassandre, Cocteau, Colin, Crespin, Domergue, Dorival, Dransy, Fix-Masseau, Gesmar, Grasset, Gray, Grün, Haring, Hassall, Hingre, Hohenstein, Livemont, Malerba, Mauzan, Metlicovitz, Ogé, Pal, Penfield, Roubille, Steinberg, Steinlen, van Rysselberghe, Vincent, Warhol

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