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The Adventures of Dack and Jack, Two Curious Poster Cats

The Adventures Of Dack And Jack, Two Curious Poster Cats

Your curiosity will not kill these cats.

452. Summer Cat. 1909.
Artist: Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen
24 5/8 x 19 3/4 in./62.5 x 50.2 cm
Est: $3,500-$4,000.

The summer cat abided.

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451. Winter Cat. 1909.
Artist: Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen
24 1/4 x 19 3/4 in./61.6 x 50.2 cm
Est: $3,500-$4,000.

The winter cat abided.

But there was no doubt, these cool cats were getting restless.

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449. Lait pur Stérilisé. 1896.
Artist: Théophil-Alexandre Steinlen
38 1/4 x 54 in./97.2 x 137.2 cm
Est: $12,000-$15,000.

Milk for the pussens?

Li’l girl take all the milk?

All the milk that wuz gonna make small cats big ‘n’ strong?

Okay that’s it.

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214. Rasurel. 1923.
Artist: Anonymous
45 3/8 x 62 1/4 in./115.2 x 158.2 cm
Est: $2,000-$2,500.

We outta here!

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284. Quinquina Dubonnet. 1895.
Artist: Jules Chéret
33 x 47 1/2 in./83.8 x 120.6 cm
Est: $2,500-$3,000.

Not knowing much about the world, however, they fell in with some…troublesome characters. Miss Quinquina Dubonnet, for example, loved to drink in all the cafés. At first, it was a lush life.

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471. May Belfort. 1895.
Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
24 x 31 1/2 in./61.6 x 80 cm
Est: $14,000-$17,000.

One found work with May Belfort, singing in the Montmartre cabarets. But he realized he was just a prop for a dirty joke.

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429. Mistinguett : Maquette.
Artists: René Ranson
12 x 15 1/4 in./30.5 x 39 cm
Est: $2,500-$3,000.

May knew a fellow showgirl named Mistinguett.

“That greyhound, he’s got the life,” the cats said.

“Not really,” the greyhound said. “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here. But I do know this guy… want to meet him?”

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121. Clown Renard / New Dog & Cat Show. ca. 1896.
Artist: Anonymous
36 7/8 x 27 1/2 in./93.6 x 70 cm
Est: $1,200-$1,500.

And that’s how Dack and Jack, the two rambunctious cats, really hit the big time.

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112. Barnum & Bailey / Greatest Show on Earth. 1913.
Artist: Anonymous
28 3/4 x 38 1/2 in./73 x 97.8 cm
Est: $1,000-$1,200.

I mean, they really hit the big time.

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