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PAI-XCI: Second Chance Posters

Second Chance sale ends Tuesday, November 21

All unsold lots are available at the reserve plus our 25% commission

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Art Nouveau

Revered works by top artists: Bonnard, Chéret, Hohlwein, Mucha, Steinlen, and Lautrec
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Art Deco

Innovative images by the leaders of the era: Broders, Cassandre, Colin, Loupot, and more
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Explore the world through lithography
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Bicycles & Automobiles

Historic designs for transit by Grasset, Pal, Ham, and more
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War & Propaganda

Persuasive images from WWI & WWII
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American Literary

Penfield’s designs for Harper’s plus works by Rhead and Rockwell
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His most iconic posters and decorative panels, plus rare variants and original works
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Classics of fin-de-siècle Montmartre: Jane Avril 1893, Partie de Campagne, and Divan Japonais
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13 career-defining images from this masterful designer
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Rare and imaginative designs for Parisian cabaret culture
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His most enduring images, billboards, and rare works
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Plus hundreds of original, rare posters:

Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Travel, Modernism, and more!

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